Destiny Hunt

Destiny Hunt 

Destiny Hunt is a love letter to the works of William Gibson and Philip K. Dick, with a nod to Jules Verne for good measure. I was listening to Bowie’s “Berlin period” and thought “hey man, you should do you’re own Berlin period Mosh record” and then I recorded my first attempt at such an ambitious concept and got “In the Event of Disaster” and while it’s twisted, it ain’t Bowie and really, it never was going to be, but everything needs a beginning and Bowie being smacked out in Berlin as an inspiration for a Mosh record ain’t a bad beginning as far as beginnings go. 

Pretty Ladies: With this song I had an image in my head of a small north eastern town covered in snow where we find our protagonist sitting in his running car, in the back alley of a bar, while he waits for his girlfriend to grab something from inside so they can get out of town before whoever or whatever is chasing them. The way I saw it is there is this impending doom coming down on them and he’s daydreaming because the daydream is the only escape he’s going to get 

In the event of a disaster : This one is supposed to be a bunch of chaotic nonsense filling in as the “disaster” then ending on a moment of peace, the old flipping the calm before the storm bit. I kept playing the Rhodes after the drumbeat stopped and I was thinking “man, that sounds like a mess”, but while listening back, I had an idea of putting a pretty little melody moving over top of it and I really ended up liking it. For some reason this is the track I always think of when I’m thinking about this album. I think it’s because it’s so jarring after the first two songs. They are so mellow then BLAM. I’m not even sure if I particularly like it, other than the ending bit, but I don’t have to like it in order to want to hear it. I guess. 

Lenina to Bernard: This is the “Wayne Mosh trying to sing like Bruce Springsteen who’s trying to sing like Roy Orbison” number. Lenina and Bernard are characters from the Aldous Huxley Book “A Brave New World”. Lenina singing to Bernard. Trying to get him to loosen up. It probably ended up being my favorite song on Destiny Hunt. I love the little chorus melody and the horn line. 

Angie to the Count: This one is based off the third book in William Gibson’s Sprawl trilogy, “Mona Lisa Overdrive” Here are two people deciding to live together in a practically limitless virtual space. Once again, my favorite topic of consciousness, or what I usually think of as the soul, or the “it” of what it means to be human. I am fascinated by the subject of what happens when we transcend this mortal form. When we create a form of intelligence that could be called “life" and we become the creators. From primordial sludge to gods. 

Also I’m a sucker for a "runaway with me and we’ll create our own world" type of love story. 

Tagomi: In the book “The Man in the High Castle” an executive shoots and kills a nazi who is trying to breakdown his office door. His post shooting response is about what you’d expect. Also my favorite Philip K Dick book  I like the bass line on this one. 

Straylight Run! : I didn’t know there was a band by that name but I’m assuming they are fans of William Gibson so how bad can they be? Part four of Neuromancer is titled the Straylight Run and I just always thought that was a cool title. Plus it deals with the heist that’s happening at the end of the book and the Villa Straylight. In this bit of the book, where the AI is set free, I was imagining what it would be like to be present at the dawning of a singularity. 

Iceland but what next: This is another chapter title. This time from “Journey to the Center of the Earth” by Jules Verne. Besides me thinking that it was a cool title and therefore stealing it to use as a song title, this one actually kind of relates to the song because this chapter is pretty much when the journey begins in the story.  I look at the lyrics in the song and I think what I’m saying is, “I am done with these old beliefs and I’m ready to discover new ones. I also really like the guitar solo in the song 

Ostrich Colors Eastern: There’s actually a lot of metaphor in this one that feels silly for me to pull apart because I prefer the metaphor. My father died maybe 11 years before I wrote this one and a lot of it is about me dealing with our relationship. I don’t think my dad thought I was lazy, he might have thought I was crazy but good and bad we loved each other. I will say one thing his death taught me was, it’s the love that remains after someone is gone. All our difference of perspective and belief fades and I’m left with love.

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